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How to Use Correct and Simple Formatting Essay Rules to Earn High Grades

College essay formatting is not an easy task for many students. If you have the same problem, use these effective guidelines and rules to format your paper and impress teachers easily.

How to Correctly Format a College Essay

Essay formats have nothing to do with the actual content of academic papers. College essay formatting is how you present and organize this content, and it provides your paper with a physical look as the eye scan pages without reading words.

Why the Right Essay Format Is Important

It’s estimated that the right formatting can account for about 10% of overall grades. That’s why you need to pay close attention to it because it’s a simple way to improve marks. Many students end up too tired after their research and writing, so they fail to give formatting enough attention. Start early to have enough energy and time to complete this task effectively. Think about enlisting a professional help with formatting your essay if you face any difficulties to get a perfect final draft.

Choosing a Suitable Essay Format for College Assignments

There are different formatting styles used to write academic papers, and the most common ones are:

  • APA;
  • MLA;
  • Chicago;
  • Harvard.

If you aren’t sure how your paper should be formatted, use MLA as a default style. Basic formatting essay rules depend on existing standards prescribed by style guides. Every formatting style has its unique requirements toward specific details, such as:

  • Spacing between lines;
  • Title pages;
  • Page numbering;
  • Paragraphs;
  • Font sizes;
  • Margins;
  • Binding;
  • Indentation.

Always number each page of your paper in a consecutive order and out numbers in the right place. Including your last name before every number is a good practice if pages get jumbled up with other texts. Keep all numbers quite simple and avoid putting periods after them. Don’t underline and put special quotation marks around them. Using any fancy font is a bad idea too.

The importance of leaving wide margins and double-spacing shouldn’t be underestimated. Getting constructive feedbacks from professors is a big part in writing essays because they help you improve skills. That’s why you need to leave enough room for these valuable comments. Always leave one space between every word in sentences, colon, semicolon, and comma.

Since you need to double space between all lines, insert 4 spaces between paragraphs to let the eye more readily distinguish between them. Furthermore, consider a formatting distinction between shorter and longer sources. You need to underline all longer sources, such as plays and books, while the shorter ones must be placed inside quotation marks, including blog posts, articles, and others.

Avoid writing in all capitalizations because they should be used sparingly. Otherwise, they will only irritate readers and detract from overall points. Although you may feel tempted to capitalize each letter in headlines, resist it and add more emphasis in the chosen words.

Most essays don’t require a table of contents, but if your assignment includes this requirement, the following sections must be present:

  • Introduction;
  • Body;
  • Conclusion;
  • Works cited.

How to end your academic paper? End it with a last period of the last sentence without adding any fancy graphics because they will only annoy teachers. Finally, be sure to bind the whole essay before submitting it.

Why Use the Best Essay Formatting Service Online

Writing and formatting a good paper takes enough patience and practice. If you aren’t satisfied with the grades you receive, ask teachers for their useful suggestions to find out more about formatting and content writing. If you need more formatting help essay guidelines, contact professional online services. Hire a talented team of expert writers ready to help you with any aspect of your academic papers. Professional essayists offer a range of beneficial services, including a proper format for your essay for cheap. Using their services means that you’ll get the necessary job done for you fast and professionally in addition to multiple benefits, such as zero plagiarism and improved grades.